Price List

We believe that it is your choice what you have at a funeral. Some things are always necessary, such as the transfer of the deceased to our care, but other than that, we have a ‘whatever you choose’ policy, and whatever you choose, we can certainly help you. Please contact us by telephone, we will talk through your exact requirements, hear your thoughts and provide a detailed quotation, including the current cemetery or crematorium charges, Doctor’s, Minister’s or Celebrant fees. We will do this in a professional friendly manner, without any obligation on your part to proceed further. Whatever you decide you can be certain that our services will always be provided in a dignified and respectful manner.

DIRECT CREMATION: The most basic funeral service includes our professional services, care of the deceased, provision of a simple coffin, transfer to the crematorium by closed vehicle at a time and date of our choosing. No service will take place, although some people choose to have a memorial service later at an alternative venue. £1650, plus disbursements, to be paid in advance please.

SIMPLE FUNERAL: Our professional services, a simple veneer coffin with engraved nameplate, care of the deceased, our new Jaguar hearse, bearers and conductor, proceeding directly to the crematorium from our office where a full service may take place. The date and time of the funeral is by mutual agreement, £2325, plus disbursements to be paid in advance please.

TRADITIONAL FUNERAL: Our full funeral service funeral option; to include all professional services, visiting the deceased in our Chapel of Rest during office hours, a polished oak veneer coffin with engraved nameplate, our new Jaguar hearse and one following Jaguar limousine, four bearers and our liveried conductor on the day of the funeral. We will also collect and collate donations, place obituary notices, arrange and assist with Orders of Service, £2850, plus disbursements.

The above charges are accurate, but some things you might choose do cost more; for example, additional limousines or alternative hearses, floral tributes, obituary notices, transferring the deceased into our care out of normal business hours, (evenings, at night or weekends.) We make an additional charge for a funeral that takes place at two venues because they take longer on the day. We do also offer a wide range of alternative modern and traditional caskets and coffins, embalming/temporary preservation and dressing of the deceased in their own clothes. We regularly conduct funerals in other parts of Britain, and are acknowledged worldwide repatriation specialists.

Our branch offices have a private space or Chapel of Rest, where you may come and visit the person who has died in their coffin. These areas are peaceful and always have fresh flowers

We genuinely appreciate your choosing us, and will do our best to exceed your expectations. We are proud that so many people recommend our family business, and as a family, we try to keep our charges among the lowest locally too. If you need to economise, or are seeking help towards the funeral cost, talk to us. Whatever your question, our help and advice costs nothing and places you under no obligation to Holmes & Family.


...Thank you for all the care and kindness shown to our family…It was a difficult and sad time, but we were able to leave everything in your capable hands with confidence…It was a perfect, final farewell.

Mrs L, Hook